lunedì 5 maggio 2014

Friuli: Arta Terme, Carnival Sauris and small immersion in an Austria snowy

Romantic and evocative weekend, combining the relax of the spa, the charm of The Carnival of Sauris (with tasting of the excellent ham) and a dive into the snow-covered mountain of Austria, over the border.

Arta Terme

First stop: Arta Terme. This lovely town offers the opportunity to admire the beautiful landscape of Carnia, a silent and barren mountain scenery ...
Left the luggage at the hotel, we immediately move to the local spa .

 Between comfortable whirlpools and  revitalizing water jets,  the structure allows you to find that psychological well-being essential to enjoy the surrounding landscape.
In the late afternoon we take the road to Sauris. It takes an hour to find ourselves in this charming mountain country.

We are in the midst of The Sauris Carnival (for 2014, from 01/03/2014 to 03/04/2014). This event is definitely worthing a visit. The amazing thing for us was to happen by chance to the event and meet, walking towards the center of the country, shady characters, with picturesque wooden masks and rhythmic step to the sound of noisemakers.
Sauris Carnival masks
The fascinating walk of the masks through the ancient pine forests, is lightened  by the glare of snow in the light of lanterns (the same tourists can rent a lantern to totally immerse themselves in the atmosphere.)

Following the masks we come to a heated tent in the center of Sauris di Sotto where, to the sound of dancing, music and fun, we taste the local specialties: delicious barley soup and then beans, sauerkraut, sausage and obviously the excellent and      inevitable Sauris ham.

 For those who wish to stay in this area, there is a curious and tempting formula ... The "Albergo diffuso" offers antique and distinctive accommodations in the heart of the country to live a true mountain experience as residents, an original alternative to mass tourism.. .
The day after we wake up with a beautiful sunny day! How to resist the temptation to make a leap in Austria?! So we venture, from Arta Terme towards the north, following the state highway. After Timau, the last town before the border, we pass the picturesque and snowy Plöcken Pass (1,360 m.) to go down, in the middle valley of the Gail, to the country of Kötschach-Mauthen, Austria. Pretty little town nestled in the Alps of Carinthia, the small town proves to be the perfect place for a taste of local specialties.

Kötschach Mauthen landscape
We proceed, crossing through a sunny and dazzling valley,  on the road parallel to the border, towards Villach. Finally we take the way back, the Pontebbana. But before the border, in the first Austrian stretch of highway (not well indicated for all those accustomed to go through a mandatory toll), the Austrian police stopped us and we get fined with the kind advice to pay immediately, if we do not want to visit the local police station ... (but maybe not! ...).
So, with a little 'of bitterness,, our weekend comes to an end. A weekend that surprised us in many ways and did rejoice ... so, for those who decide to follow us in our trips ... pay serious attention to the way back...

giovedì 1 maggio 2014

Bacol Tartufi: a craftmade reality in the splendid setting of the Italian region of Molise

The Bacol company sees its origins in the passion for our trusty four-legged friends with the very good nose, in the enchanting nature with astonishing landscapes and in the  satisfaction while discovering new flavors tantalizing your taste buds…

 Listening to grandfather Sebastiano, the mind wanders on the magic hills and the enchanting woods of Molise. And here a tall and picturesque man with big mustaches, in camouflage, with its cane, followed by dogs. The joy of the animal finding the truffle is right followed by the   extraction of the fruit by man, in a perfect and harmonious collaboration.

Sebastiano with his truffle dogs
in the charming hinterland of the region Molise 
Lover of good food Sebastiano, more and more frequently,  brings to the table the truffle, showing its many ways to be protagonist: from appetizers to dessert, getting through tasty canapes, delicious “risotti”, tempting meats and  omelets, salads and cakes…

Guests at the table of Sebastiano are always more numerous, while the word spreads about the delicious dishes that you can enjoy.

So just for fun comes this small family business that, preserving craft traditions, ...

sabato 26 aprile 2014

Holiday-study in Britain: Exeter, Devon

So many years have passed, but when I let my mind wandering places and atmospheres lived in this travel, time distances disappear and I find myself in Devon, visiting enchanting places, studying with friends, so many years ago (and many kilos too...)
                                              Exeter, pub
It was 1 month of school,  1 month of english language immersion, but also 1 month of      hangouts in the hot and typical english atmospheres of the pub, 1 month with new friends from around the world, 1 month living together with Wen and Steve, so lovely and       careful hosts.

At the moment to decide the destination ...

venerdì 25 aprile 2014

Travel breakout

In the chaotic world where we live, in a society fighting every day to adapt to uncertainty, to insecurity, to an absolute loss of values. In this exhausting maelstrom of insecurities, there is always a way out ...
How many times coming back from a trip you felt reborn, infused with new energy, ready to face life with a different spirit? ...